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today we're going to take a look at the new Direct TV now this should be interesting so stick around Applause Music hello ladies and gentlemen so in this video we're gonna have two parts we're going to have this part where we look at the website the packages and all that stuff and then we're going to go over to our Roku device and we're gonna look at the actual product there now this is a new video I have done a previous video review of Direct TV now however there's a lot that's changed so let's go ahead and dig in but before we do that be sure to always check out the video description in there I'll post any updates any new information and some useful links for you so let's go ahead and get started let's click view all packages and we can see that these packages have changed a lot not only has the price increase to 50 a month but we're only getting 45 channels previously it was 65 plus channels for 40 a month so we can look here and see what we get we do get HBO included so that's new max is 70 a month you get 60 plus channels there plus HBO and cinematics included and then we have other packages this is where it gets really interesting you can really spend a good amount of money every month if you go with the ultimate package for 135 a month but this is the web site this is where you can go and look at the packages and let's go back and just look and see what we we get here then we can compare plus and Max okay so without further ado let's go over to the Roku and let's see what the experience is with this new DirecTV now okay so we're over here at our Roku I'm going to go ahead and launch the DirecTV now app as we can see it starts with the last channel that we were on and let's start off with the guide and here is our grid guide we can see all the channels that we have interface is a little bit slow when we scroll fast but if we scroll nice and slow we can see that it can keep up so let's go ahead and launch Fox News because I want to show you something really quickly that I found out now we do have the cloud DVR with the plus package that is included but I'm going to show you something really quick that I'm disappointed with interesting survival available at all tangible so I'm going to pause live TV here let's say I have to answer the door I have to run to the restroom I have to answer the phone take a phone call and then I come back now remember where we were just at and I'm gonna go ahead and hit the play button again and protect against further irritation soon XP the right choice for dry eyes now as we can see what's happening is it's not pausing live TV it's just pausing the stream and then restarting the stream when we hit play it's a little disappointing so if you're watching a program that you really like and you have to break away from it for a minute or two to go do something you're not going to be able to pick...
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